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LeverPresso Espresso Maker(Dark Grey)
  • LeverPresso Espresso Maker(Dark Grey)


    Pull rich double shots of espresso anywhere with the Leverpresso. Featuring the ability to brew with a steady 9 bars of pressure, a 17g portafilter, and a durable build, this device is a great option for enjoying espresso at and away from home.

    The Leverpresso’s double side arms are easy for anyone to use, but can still generate up to 9 bars of pressure that remains steady throughout the brewing cycle. Unlike other portable espresso makers, it features a 120ml water tank and a 17g portafilter, allowing you to pull double shots.

    Basic Leverpresso Instructions:

    • Grind 17g of coffee at an espresso-fine setting and tamp into the portafilter.
    • Add 120ml of hot water to the reservoir and assemble the device.
    • Raise the levers and press down immediately for 20-30 seconds.

    The device is built from some of the most durable materials used for food products: Titan plastic, stainless steel, and other BPA-Free plastics. This extra strength brings the weight to 440g, but the compact size still makes it a great option for travel espresso.

    And, as the added cherry on top, the Leverpresso comes in two colours:  light grey and dark grey/black.



    Portable Espresso Brewing — Empowers you to make espresso anywhere.

    Stainless Steel Shower Screen — Latest model with the Stainless Shower Screen

    User-Friendly Levers — Side levers are easy enough for newcomers to espresso to use.

    9 Bars of Pressure — Generates a consistent 9 bars of pressure that lasts throughout the majority of the brewing cycle.

    Pulls Double Shots — With a 120ml water tank and a 17g portafilter, you can pull full double shots with a single brewing session,

    2 Colours — Comes in light grey or dark grey.

    Strong Build — Made with durable Tritan, stainless steel, silicone, and other long-lasting BPA-Free plastics.



    • 1 x Leverpresso (Colour of Choice)
    • Spare o-ring seal
    • Portafilter Brush


    MaterialsBPA-Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
    Water Capacity120ml
    Portafilter Capacity17g
    Dimensions86mm x 70mm x 180mm
      $109.99 Regular Price
      $54.99Sale Price
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